Steller’s Coastal Safari


A capstone adventure in the Wild Alpine line-up, Steller’s Coastal Safari delivers. Strap on some wings and go big on a day when the weather smiles all the way from the coast to Wild Alpine headquarters in the Wrangell Mountains. Fly south in a bush plane from McCarthy with your own naturalist guide and a seasoned mountain pilot. View the remotest reaches of the Chugach range, a time-travel romp through big rock and ice territory. Mount Logan, St. Elias, Miller, and other high peaks accentuate the sobering aerial traverse of the Bagley Icefield and its many glaciers, a last great Ice Age remnant.

May 15 – September 15, 2014 
Begins In
McCarthy or Kennecott 
Ends In
McCarthy or Kennecott 
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Shuttle and Bush Plane 
Unsurpassed flight touring experience and local naturalist guides who share their knowledge and love of this wild land. 
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Trip Includes
Naturalist guide, scenic flight tour with private plane and pilot, multiple landings in remote locations for wildlife viewing, lunch. 
Not Included
Personal clothing for potentially cool and wet conditions. 
Wrangell – St. Elias Kingdom

Bagley Icefield, a last great Ice Age remnant. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

After traversing the mountains, consult with your pilot to choose your first wilderness touchdown destination. Options range from a remote Kayak Island beach riddled with bear tracks and history, still wild as the day George Steller and Vitus Bering, the first non-indigenous people to set foot in Alaska, hailed from Russia in 1741.

Kayak Island Rocks

Rocky coastline of Kayak Island. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

Summer Exploring

Fly in a small plane along the coast of Prince William Sound, landing for lunch along endless beaches. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

Depending on the timing, birders and naturalists thrill at sand dune landings in the Copper River Delta, one of the most impressive migratory bird habitats on the continent. Scout for coyote and bears, eat lunch amid the mountains and water known around the world for its sockeye salmon fishery, and imagine your way back up the waterway to the headwater glaciers where you started the journey. If it’s fishing season, get a gull’s-eye view of Copper River commercial fishing grounds.

Calving Glacier

Watch calving glaciers from the shore at Prince William Sound. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

Jump back in the plane and hop further down the outer coast toward Yakutat to look for wildlife and epic, miles-long sandy beaches. Follow your nose in an incalculable geography of spectacle and wild nature before flying home, again, to try and digest what just happened to you over a meal at the Lodge. Welcome to the world’s edge, and be warned that after Steller’s Coastal Safari, you’ll go home changed.

Sea Lion Colony

A colony of Steller sea lions along the coast of Prince William Sound. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

Fly Cost of Prince William Sound

Fly home along the coast of Prince William Sound looking for whales, porpoises, signs of life in the furthest reaches of Alaska. Photo by Reudi Homberger.

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Day Hiking Gear List

Guests are responsible for bringing appropriate outdoor gear. This packing list will help to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure. Plan your travel wardrobe around informal and comfortable clothing. The weather in Alaska is quite variable and changes quickly. High quality waterproof gear is worth the investment, especially for the summer months. … Continue reading