Extreme Alaska: Wild Alpine is Getting Noticed!

On Sunday February 24, 2013 the New York Times published “Extreme Alaska” on the front page of the Travel section. Featuring three popular Alaskan winter-time sports – snow kiting, ice climbing and fat biking – author Ethan Todras-Whitehill and his sister, photographer Tara Todras-Whitehill, review our Northern paradise like it is, comedy and all:

“Eli was a soft-spoken man, cautious – the way you’d want a mountain guide to be … He led us through pines and around the detritus of an avalanche … scampering up blue ice the way a cat might ascend the drapes. 

“… So when Eli was halfway up the face, I called out, ‘How’s the ice?’ ‘It’s like …’ Eli paused mid-chop, ‘rotten tiramisu.’  … Well, let’s just say that some parts were soggy ladyfingers while others were good hard crust.”

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