Ultima Thule Lodge

Your cabin is nestled on a hillside alive with flowers and the lodges’ abundant vegetable garden. A river-rock path winds along the hillside to the next cabin, and up the slope to the Main Lodge. Each cabin is uniquely appointed, with elegant Craftsman furniture and quintessentially Alaskan devotion to primal comforts. Stained glass windows, a cherry writing desk, plush leather furniture, full bathroom. Although you know every touch of civilization was carefully selected and flown here by the Claus family, it’s hard to picture that armchair strapped into the back of the little plane you rode in…

Main Lodge

Main Lodge in March 2013. Photo by Tod Francis.

Cabins in Spring

Looking south across the UTL campus, Chitina River, Granite Range. March 2013. Photo by Tod Francis.


100 Miles from the Road System
Each private cabin offers spacious sleeping quarters, private full bath, 110 volt AC electrical outlets, modern gas stove and expansive views. Wireless internet is available in the Main Lodge. The signature cedar sauna was beautifully restored in 2011. It is modeled after a traditional Finnish bathhouse complete with decorative stone inlays, authentic woodstove and custom copper water basins. It’s not to be missed!

“…Ultima Thule Lodge is one of the most authentic, and adventure-centric, in the 49th state. The owners — three generations of the Claus family — give their guests once-in-a-lifetime experiences…”
– Travel + Leisure Magazine

Ultima Thule Lodge. Photo courtesy of Reudi Homberger.

Ultima Thule Lodge guest cabin. Photo by Reudi Homberger.


Lodge Dining
Meals are hearty and highlight Alaska’s wild game: Chitina River Bison, Copper River Salmon, Dall Sheep and Moose. You will enjoy homemade jams and sauces made from the region’s wild berries, and more. Breakfast and dinner are served family style in the Main Lodge.

Ultima Thule Main Lodge


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there standard U.S. 110v electricity at Ultima Thule Lodge?
Yes, there is 110v electricity in the Main Lodge and all private cabins. Ultima Thule Lodge is not connected to standard grid utilities. Electric power comes from a dependable generator system. Occasionally, it’s necessary to turn the electricity off for a few hours overnight. Battery-powered lamps are provided at these times. The system can’t handle the load of hair driers and other heat-generating devices so we ask that you refrain from using these items during your stay.

What’s the spring weather and snowfall like in the Wrangells?
Early April temperatures can range from a high of 50F in the day to as low as 0F at night. According to Ellie Gray of Ultima Thule: “Most days are 50 in the sun with HUGE blue-bird skies!” Early spring rarely brings fresh snows to the lodge itself. However, among 13.2 million acres of mountains rising from sea level to 18,000 feet, powder turns are inevitable. Nearby high alpine zones receive snowfall year-round.

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Wilderness Adventure Lodge with Wild Alpine Guides Ultima Thule Lodge Alaska Wrangell St Elias National Park


  • Unparalleled access to the largest mountain wilderness on earth
  • Cedar sauna with custom features, not to be missed!
  • Select fine wine and beer; guests are welcome to BYOB
  • Vegetables from our gardens, wild-crafted herbs, berries and more
  • Dall Sheep, Chitina River Bison, Moose and Copper River Salmon
  • An impressive fleet of airplanes at the ready

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