Wrangell Mountains

The Wrangell Mountains arc nearly 200 miles across south-central Alaska from the Copper River in the west to the Canadian border and the St. Elias Range in the east. The Chitina and Nizina Rivers border to the south. The Copper River and Nutzotin Mountains border to the north. Characterized by active and dormant volcanoes – eight of which tower over 13,000 feet – they are dominated by Mount Blackburn at 16,390 ft; 4995 metres.

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Vast and largely unpopulated, Wrangell Mountain adventures offer a genuine wilderness experience. Historic settlements, modern day gold prospectors, subsistence fishermen, hunters and trappers and colorful mountaineers call this place home. Moose, bear, bison, lynx, fox, bald eagles and even the iconic wild Alaskan salmon characterize this diverse interior region.


Frequently Asked Questions

When did Mt. Wrangell last erupt?
Eruptive activity has been noted in Mt. Wrangell in 1784, 1884-5, and 1900. On clear, cold, and calm days, steam plumes are often visible.

Among Bona, Blackburn and Wrangell, which is most difficult to climb?
Of these three popular peaks, Blackburn presents the most challenging climb. It is the tallest of the Wrangell Volcanic Field and often goes years without seeing any visitors.

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Visit the Wrangell Mountains with Wild Alpine Guides Alaska.


  • Mount Sanford (16,237 ft; 4937 m)
  • Atna Peak (13,860 ft; 4,225 m)
  • Rime Peak (12,741ft; 3883 m)
  • The McCarthy Road, 60 miles of unimproved adventure!
  • Mount Blackburn (16,390 ft; 4995 m)
  • Mount Drum (12,010 ft; 3660 m)

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