Get Ready for Adventure

So you’ve booked your trip and now it’s time to get ready for adventure! We strongly recommend that you arrive for your Wild Alpine adventure in good physical and mental condition. Plan to spend a minimum of four weeks prior to your trip preparing with a consistent exercise routine. Run, swim, hike, or bike 30–45 minutes five days a week. Arriving in good physical condition will help you to meet the challenges you will face during your adventure and enjoy your experience.

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Safety is Our First Priority
Wild Alpine strives to create a comfortable learning environment. We will never challenge you beyond your reach and we encourage you to use your personal discretion at all times. It is up to you to communicate your level of comfort with your guide. Guides will manage hazards such as route navigation and where appropriate, avalanche avoidance. Everyone is expected to respect the safety protocol and follow guide instructions during their adventure. You can expect to travel over glaciated terrain with a climbing harness on at all times. On adventures that require bush plane travel, we insist on your full attention to flight protocol.

Wild Alpine guides are fully equipped with wilderness medical training and emergency first aid appropriate to the environments in which they travel. All guides carry a SPOT GPS Messenger and/or a satellite phone.

Wild Alpine endorses the Leave No Trace ethic and adheres to bear safety protocol outlined by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Travel over delicate tundra and wilderness campsites are managed to minimize impact.

Above all else: a safe adventure is a successful adventure.

If you are unsure whether you are ready for a particular climb, contact us. We’ll help to identify a project that will challenge and reward within reach of your abilities.

Skiers and Riders
Skiing and splitboarding adventures require special preparedness. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy Wild Alpine adventures but you do need to be in good physical condition and have moderate downhill skiing ability.

Throughout Alaska, there is endless terrain for intermediate skiers. A strong and aggressive parallel turn, confident up-stem and kick-turning abilities will make you more comfortable on varied and often glaciated snowpack. The more at ease you are with traversing long flats and steep slopes, side-slipping and side-stepping in narrow chutes, the more advanced your options become. All participants should be familiar with the demands of physical exertion and exposure to cold. Basic avalanche awareness and experience with rescue techniques are essential. Among other personal clothing and gear, climbing skins, avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel are mandatory tools in your quiver. Familiarity with personal gear and minor repairs is helpful.

The bottom line: inspiring off-piste lines for every level of backcountry skier and rider await within our vast wilderness. Be honest about your ability. We’ll help you safely reach – and even expand – those boundaries.

Wild Alpine provides nourishing meals suited to wilderness travel. Custom and All-Inclusive adventures highlight the bounty of Alaskan game, berries and more. We ask that you disclose any dietary needs, food allergies and appropriate treatments in your Registration Form. Exclusive of lodge stays, your guides prepare their favorite backcountry meals for you. You can expect to be briefed on stove safety and food storage protocol. You are welcome to pack favorite trail foods for your personal cache. You are responsible for notifying your guide of these items to ensure they are properly stored.

Wild Alpine endorses the Leave No Trace ethic and adheres to bear safety protocol outlined by the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Always be Prepared
While our knowledge and experience in this region are well established, unpredictable circumstances may arise. Your pilots and guides will always do their very best to stay on schedule, yet it’s possible that you’ll have to await a safe weather window for transport. Skip Novak, skipper of high latitude exploration vessels, says “The possibility of inclement weather and failure and danger is by our definition implicit in an expedition. Otherwise it would not be an adventure!” We feel the same about guiding adventures, training, expeditions and lodge stays here in the remotest corners of Alaska.

Travel Insurance
We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance upon booking. Insurance may cover costs if you are unable to participate due to personal emergency, personal or family medical reasons, or other cancellations. Wild Alpine is not responsible for any costs associated with required evacuations for medical or non-medical reasons. Examples of these costs are: non-refundable airplane tickets, air evacuations, reservations or medical fees. We also recommend checking that your medical insurance covers air evacuations. If you are traveling internationally, confirm that your medical insurance will cover you overseas. Wild Alpine is not responsible for the insurance policy that you may choose or not choose to purchase. We recommend Travel Guard, Travelex, and Your travel agent or insurance provider may offer additional options.

Feel free to contact us with any question that comes up as you get ready for adventure with Wild Alpine. We’re here and happy to help you!