Multi-Day Trekking Gear List

Guests are responsible for bringing appropriate outdoor gear. This packing list will help to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure. Plan your travel wardrobe around informal and comfortable clothing.

The weather in Alaska is quite variable and changes quickly. High quality waterproof gear is worth the investment, especially for the summer months. Always choose wool or synthetics over cotton; cotton does not easily dry and once wet has no insulation. The key to success: bring lots of layers and always be prepared! You’ll find that when your gear and attitude are good, the weather is always good too!

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Backpack 75L (4500cu) or larger, ask a sales rep at your local shop to help fit a new pack
Waterproof Backpack Cover
Waterproof compression sack(s) or trash compactor bags: for keeping gear dry in your backpack
Sturdy hiking boots medium / heavy duty and should be broken in before the trip!
Trekking poles (optional)

Sleeping System
– Sleeping bag synthetic or down bag rated to 30F minimum
Compression stuff sack for storing sleeping bag
 Inflatable sleeping pad or  Ridge Rest closed cell foam sleeping pad, full or 3/4 length
Camp chair conversion kit

Upper Body
Light or Mid-weight long sleeve base layer top a comfy wool or synthetic shirt you’ll wear all day
2 Insulating Layers softshell or fleece insulated layers, hoods are good
– Wind Shirt
– Puffy Jacket synthetic jacket with a hood: to wear around camp 

Lower Body
 Light or Mid-weight long sleeve base layer bottom to be worn under your hiking or rain pant
– Heavy-weight fleece pants for wearing around camp or as emergency backup
 Synthetic Soft Shell Pant or other quick-dry hiking pant, pick one you’ll be happy wearing all day!
 Lightweight synthetic shorts convertible pant/short is OK
Waterproof / breathable rain pant GoreTex or similar is essential! 

– Warm Hat
– Baseball Cap or 
Mosquito Headnet
Buff (optional)

Light or mid-weight wool or fleece gloves


– Synthetic sock liners
– Wool or synthetic hiking Socks
Fleece sleeping socks to wear at night in your bag
 Camp shoes lightweight clog for wearing around camp
Waterproof Gaiters

Personal First Aid Kit
– Small pre-packed Personal First Aid Kit (optional)
– Band-Aids

– Asprin, Ibuprophen, Tylenol
– Blister Care
– Antacids, Peptobismol, Immodium
– 1-2″ roll of medical tape

– Bowl
– Insulated Mug

– 2 Spoons or Spork
– Pocketknife

– Toiletries
– Binoculars
– Sunscreen
– Lip and Nose Balm
– Insect repellent
– Headlamp (optional, depends on time of year)
– Water bottle or Water Bladder widemouth screw top, 1-1.5L

– Bandana
– 1-2 Lightweight carabiners
– Earplugs
– Camera
– Sleeping Mask

– Books, iPad, Kindle