Ultima Thule Lodge FAQs

What activities viagra for women are offered at the lodge during the spring skiing season?
In March and April, the main activity at Ultima Thule Lodge is plane-assisted wilderness skiing and riding. Additionally, staff are available for hiking and/or cross-country skiing adventures. This time of year the surrounding area goes through spring break-up leaving parts of nearby Chitina River open and others still frozen. The amount of terrain to explore directly from the lodge depends somewhat on these conditions. There are a couple of good on-trail day hikes including one to a very pretty waterfall. For the more adventurous, crossing the river and heading up or down-stream is beautiful too.

On request, chartered http://onlinepharmacy-kamagra.com/ bush planes and private guides are available for flightseeing, ice climbing, and other remote adventures. Contact us for more information about custom itineraries.


What’s the spring weather and snowfall like in the Wrangells?
Early April temperatures can range from a high of 50F in the day to as low as 0F at night. According to Ellie Gray of Ultima Thule: “Most days are 50 in the sun with HUGE blue-bird skies!” Early spring rarely brings fresh snows to the lodge itself. However, among 13.2 million kamagra oral jelly acres of mountains rising from sea level to 18,000 feet, powder turns are inevitable. Nearby high alpine zones receive snowfall year-round.


What activities are offered at the lodge in the summer and fall?
May thru September is a phenomenal time to visit Ultima Thule Lodge. Flightseeing, hiking, http://onlinepharmacy-levitra.com/ backpacking, fishing, river rafting, glacier hiking and ice climbing are just some of the activities available directly from the lodge. Each day is full of new adventure and no itinerary is ever the same!


Are there down days?
Generally, we can find good wilderness touring conditions in any direction. levitra reviews From time to time, the airplanes will be grounded due to weather. “No-Go” calls are made after breakfast. In the case of a no-go, you are welcome to spend the day as you like: reading, hiking, taking photographs, cross-country skiing or curling on the Chitina River. Rest assured that “bad weather” brings fresh powder to the surrounding mountains for the next big lines!


Is there standard U.S. 110v electricity at the lodge?
Yes, there is 100v electricity in the Main Lodge and all private cabins. Ultima Thule Lodge is not connected to standard grid utilities. Electric power comes from a dependable generator system. Occasionally, it’s necessary to turn the electricity off for a few hours overnight. Battery-powered lamps are provided at these times. The system can’t handle the load of hair driers and other heat-generating devices so we ask that you refrain viagra side effects from using these items during your stay.


What’s the personal food and beverage protocol?
Meals are hearty and highlight Alaska’s wild game: Chitina River Bison, Copper River Salmon, Dall Sheep and Moose. You will also enjoy homemade jams and sauces made from the region’s wild berries, and more. Breakfast and dinner are served family style in the Main Lodge. A complete brown bag lunch of sandwich, candy bar, cookies, water, and hot beverages will be provided daily. There is a limited selection of beer and wine available in the evenings.

We will do our best to accommodate coupon for cialis any dietary preferences, so please inform us of your needs cialis vs viagra ahead of time. You are welcome to bring your own food and alcohol. Keeping your personal cache in your cabin is just fine. Purchase items ahead of departure from home or Anchorage.