Winter Ice Climbing Gear List

Guests are responsible for bringing appropriate outdoor gear. This packing list will help to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure. Plan your travel wardrobe around informal and comfortable clothing.

The weather in Alaska is quite variable and changes quickly. High quality weatherproof gear is worth the investment, especially in the winter months. Always choose wool or synthetics over cotton; cotton does not easily dry and once wet has no insulation. The key to success: bring lots of layers and always be prepared! You’ll find that when your gear and attitude are good, the weather is always good too!

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Daypack (backpack)
Sturdy hiking boots or light mountaineering boot
Hiking poles (optional)

Clothing Checklist
– Mid-weight Long Underwear Top and Bottom
– Insulated Mid-layers (ex: thick fleece or wool top and bottom)
Puffy Jacket
Hard Shell Pants and Jacket
Liner Gloves
Mittens (optional)
Warm Ski Hat
Balaclava (optional)
Baseball Cap or Sunhat

Sun Glasses or Glacier Glasses

Lip and Nose Balm
Water bottle or Water Bladder
– Thermos with Hot Tea, Cocoa or Coffee
Small Personal First Aid Kit